Fashion Style That’s Right for Your Body Type

Women have different body types and because of this, women require a different fashion style for each type. Sometimes it could be quite daunting to go shopping and not really know what clothes are best for you. Below are tips for you to follow about the best kind of clothes that’s right for your body type.

Petite women are those with heights up to 5 feet 4 inches. If you’re in this category, the best strategy for you is to find clothes that would elongate your whole frame. As much as possible, you have to try to stick to using one color or at least clothes with the same hue from top to bottom. This would help make you appear taller.

Also shop at petite sections, because wearing clothes that are too long or too big for you will make you appear shorter and smaller than you are. Having clothes that fit will is one of the most important things to remember when choosing a fashion style. And of course, as you need to look taller, wearing heels is never a bad idea.

For tall and slim women, it is a good idea to make sure you don’t wear pants that are too short for you. It makes you look bigger than you really are. Also, being tall and slim%2

Fashion Ideas With Wide Leg Jeans

For men and women all over the world, a wide variety of clothing items is available on the market to meet different fashion needs and tastes. One of which is the wide leg jeans also known as baggy pants. This style of jeans is popular among many men as “hip hop” clothing. Many times, it is confused with another jean style called bell bottom jeans. Wide leg pants first became popular around the 1990s while the latter in the 1970s. Unlike bell bottoms, wide leg pants start to widen from the top or near the belt part down to the bottom. Bell bottom jeans start to widen below the knee. Their similarity is the fact that they both are roomy all the way from the top to bottom.

Not only did wide leg jeans become popular among teenagers but among many mothers as well. They were first worn by icons like musicians. A wide selection of various designs added to the popularity of this jean style. Some feature chains, embellishments and graphic designs that many people love. If you want to look trendy and fashionable with the next pair of jeans you will buy, consider opting for this style and surely you will never go wrong. It is important that you primarily take into account the quality of it before deciding to buy. One good thing about this style of pants is that it compliments almost every body type and that it can even make you look skinnier. Do not worry about your weight because this style comes in various sizes especially designed and tailored for slim and even plus- sized persons.

You will even fall in love more deeply with this style because of its versatility. You can wear these jeans almost in all occasions. The only thing you must think about is finding the top that will go well and perfectly with this jean style. Apart from the top, good accessories can also pair with it. If you are on a tight budget, there is nothing at all to worry about. Wide leg jeans can be availed of at very reasonable prices for various styles. Therefore, do not look for any other styles this one is ideal for those who want to have a stylish look. Investing in this style is truly something you will not regret in the end. These days, there are several clothing line companies that offer wide leg pants at different competitive prices and desirable styles and designs.

Another consideration in wearing this jean style is your footwear. It can be paired well with heels or shoes with a height or platform to create a longer and leaner look. A few decades ago, vintage and classic styles of wide leg pants were popular. Now that it is back to the world of fashion, designs are even modified and made better. Wearing this can give you the feeling of being a ramp model who is ready to show off what she’s got and catch the attention of the public.

Shoe Fashions At Online Shoe Stores

More and more females today opt to buy their footwear even while they remain at home by means of searching online outlets. These outlets present complete selections of styles, brands, dimensions, shades, and accessories of footwear, which are not typically readily available in the shoe stores close you.

Out of all the online shoe shops present in the internet, there is one which has attained credibility over the many years and is now considered as the most outstanding online shop for shoes. Go to this site to browse for the finest varieties of online footwear for men, specially when you have a tight budget yet wish to pick from a variety of assortments.

To shop for the proper footwear for the women has by no means been an easy thing to carry out. It doesn’t only pertain to getting the set that fits you rightly at a cost inside the range of your finances. For a lady, the ideal footwear will correctly match with specific attires and accessories. This indicates that a worthwhile shoe stone must have a large line of hues, pattern and styles.

When you go to Zappos, you can quickly choose the suitable footwear with the proper shades that would match your exclusive wardrobe through the search function feature of their site. You pick a particular coloration, may it be red, yellow, green or what ever it may be, and Zappos will give you search results of distinct kinds of that certain shade of shoes you want to match gorgeously with your attire.

Moreover, buying for ladies’ informal footwear could suggest a variety of interpretations in the course of performing it. Some people relate casual to a conventional set of leather loafers which are ideal for informal Fridays at work. There are other people who consider casual as the greatest set of sandals to be worn on a seaside escapade or while relaxing at home. Zappos even now has its brilliant way of approaching these views by dividing the casual grouping into a majority of sub-groups for the objective of attaining a trouble-free and a lot more well-organized buying experience. Pick from the available shades, designs and trademarks to speed up the shopping process.

Dress shoes for ladies, just like the other varieties of shoes, still require variation. There are dress shoes that include a classy high heel yet there are some that are flat and cozy. There are a few which provides a standard design ideal for workplace use. And there are those that show off an attribute apt for a nighttime occasion downtown. At Zappos, you can locate anything that matches your desire and finances. They got practically all from the stylish yet cozy Mary Jane’s to the sophisticated stilettos. You better employ each and every search function in the website for you to get hold of the very best set of footwear that surely match your unique attire.

There are quite a few good and legitimate grounds on why Zappos is crowned as the greatest style online store of footwear and boots for women. This site provides the most comprehensive assortments of online shoes that anyone could choose from. The products are stored in a storeroom which implies that whatever item offered in the website will still be existing by the time you buy it. Additionally, the company provides exceptional customer service which assists you 24/7 on every procedure of your orders and purchases. These are the qualities that online shoe stores ought to have and customers should also take into account.

Fashion Guide by Figure Type

Choose a top that is going very well with your figure.

Women’s Top – one of the most remarkable things that has ever invented by humanity. They are so versatile that now it is possible to meet a woman in a top not only on the dance floor, but also on the street and in the office. Tops are perfectly compatible with virtually any clothes: jeans, skirts, pants, suits, etc.

Some people think that it is enough to have just 3 types of Tops for every woman, which can be combined with various clothes and accessories, and, each time they will look in a new fashion, but also exquisite.

1. Casual Tops – is for shopping, trips out of town.

2. Formal style Tops – for work, mother-in-law visit, grandmother visit, birthday, etc.

3. Elegant Tops – for parties and society parties. Choosing a top.

Top, like any other clothing, should be selected taking into account your type of figure.

“Hourglass” figure type. For this type include Women with broad shoulders and hips, and pointedly single out waist. Recommendation for owners of such a figure is – emphasize their luxurious bust and waist. It is better to prefer close-fitted models.You can also try tight-fitting top, but it rarely fits this type of body. A belt will help you to focus attention on the waist. As for a neckline better if it is V-neck or crew neck.

“Triangle” figure type. Characteristic features: wide hips and noticeably narrower shoulders. Upper part of the body needs to be visually increased for the balance. This is facilitated by any kind of sleeve, crew neck, prints at the upper part of a top. It is better if a top is tight-fitted. Also, if upper part is light-colored compared with bottom part will help to reach the balance.

“Inverted triangle” figure type.Here everything is quite the opposite. You need to visually increase the lower part. You can emphasize the shoulders and chest with an open top. Women with such a figure are simply obliged to highlight key points on the chest when selecting the clothing. Style of a Top – free from the waist, it is better if the notches are V- and U-style, preferred models are of dark color and with wide straps.

“Apple” figure type. The owners of this type of figure must also place emphasis on the chest and give preference to half-close-fitted models. Waist can be emphasized with a belt. Tops with high waist will help to hide the belly, if it exists. However, you must be careful, Top should not be too wide. Furthermore, single-color models are recommended.

“Rectangle” figure type. Again, V-and U-shaped will looks better, the deeper the better. Tops with high waist, with bright and eye-catching accents in the chest. And do not forget about belts.

Tips For A Night Out With The Lads

Whether on the weekend or weekday, a night out with the lads is a fine way to spend a few hours; whether it’s for a quick drink or otherwise. Getting the lads together is never a problem, deciding on what to do and where to begin is just as easy to but what about having the right gear to wear?

A night out with the lads is always just a bit of fun but it can all go horribly wrong and end up a massive disaster if you haven’t got the right outfit. Sounds a bit drastic but think “The Inbetweeners”; you don’t really want to be that sort of guy having that sort of night out?

The stuff you wear sets up your image and naturally you’re going to want the perfect one to ensure your night goes smoothly; you don’t want to be the guy that everyone looks at for all the wrong reasons.

Whatever you have planned; keep the following points in mind in order to avoid any potential fashion disasters…

• Flash- Unless you’re heading to the Mayfair, keep in mind that a lads night isn’t exactly going to ooze class. If it’s anything like the places I know; the floor will be sticky and you may end up with JD down your top so avoid chucking on your classy gear. Keep it simple; for me a check shirt does the job but whether it’s designer clothing or something High Street; keep it simple.

• Copy Cats- In my personal opinion Rudimental are one of the best styled bands around but that doesn’t mean that I’d copy every single look. Taking a theme, a general tone or just one specific item can work just fine but if you roll up looking like Kanye West straight from the Grammy’s you’ll be the lad everyone remembers but I doubt it will be for the reasons you want.

• Environment- My pet peeve is going into a club and seeing someone dressed like they’re in a different country. Knowing your environment is a cardinal rule when dressing for a night out with the lads. Every club and every city has a different environment… a Hawaiian shirt will only work in Hawaii… not in Bilston.

The lads night out is a staple part of any man’s lifestyle and can add the perfect end (or even beginning) to any week but getting the right image can play a big part in how well the night goes. Whether you’re a simple high street lad or love your designer gear; we live in an age where what we wear is now noticed as much as women so it’s time to start paying a little closer attention to the gear you step out in.

Fabulous Gifts for Teens

When it comes to finding gifts for teens, it can be tough. Even if you know their interests, a teenager’s taste change quickly and can make gift giving quite a challenge. If you feel stumped, the following tips should help.

1. First, if you don’t know what interests your gift recipient, just ask. What are their favorite hobbies, what kind of music do they like, are they into sports? Asking will probably save lots of time and aggravation.

2. Electronics: For most teens, electronics have become a way of life since they’ve grown up using cell phones, video games, laptops, MP3 players, and iPods. Most teens already own a gaming device or laptop, but you can save money by purchasing an accessory upgrade, new video game software, new speakers or headphones. Be sure you pick games that are age appropriate for teens, not mature adults. Teenagers love text messaging. The Z2 by Zipit is an inexpensive wireless messenger that lets you text and IM chat with 99 friends at the same time.

3. Fashion: If your gift recipient is a sports enthusiast, a team jersey that feature the favored team is a great gift idea. Typically, teens become more self conscious about how they look and the way they dress in middle and high school. They become more specific about what they will or will not wear. Be sure to get a gift receipt in case they want to return the gift for any reason.

4. Gift Card: Give them the freedom to choose and purchase a gift card. Usually teens know what they want. Perhaps he or she has been wanting to buy a cool jacket or a new pair of cross-trainers, but just could not afford it. Ask the teen what their favorite stores are and purchase a gift card.They can be bought on the internet and in store and you can buy them in denominations which range from $10- $100. For the teen that drives, a gas gift card can be a practical way to show you care.

5. Jewelry: Many teen girls love to accessorize their wardrobes with the hottest trends in jewelry that is unique and shows their individual style. Beautiful jewelry gifts are easily available online and in various stores and boutiques. offers custom made handstamped jewelry using birthstone crystals.

Purchasing a gift that a teen will enjoy is not impossible, once you’ve done a bit of research.

Children’s Clothing, Style and Appearance Be Compromised

As you may have already noticed, there is a huge surge in “mini me” clothing popping up all over. What exactly is this “mini me”? This “mini me” couture effect is basically a term used for parents wanting their children to look and dress like they do. With the vast amount of information on the Internet and the constant celebrity exposure, our children are growing up with a lot more options than we ever had. Designers are churning out pint size renditions of clothes that are on runways every season. However, not every parent is jumping on this band wagon. In our family outings, I still see children dressed in p.j.’s or t-shirts that are witty yet sloppy.

Does how you dress your child reflect on your personality and lifestyle?

I always look to the parents to see how they are dressed. It’s usually the same. Most of the style stems from the parents. Children in more ways than one are a direct reflection of their mommy and daddy.

With this being said, I don’t think the “mini me” idea is so bad. We all know families that always look put together. Why not create that culture with your own children? I am not saying that appearance is the most important issue in a kid’s life. But appearance speaks for itself. What’s wrong with dressing the part? Your child will grow and learn to take pride in how they look and will in turn pass this to their children.

What Should be your Child’s Look – Classic or Trendy?

When you think of the look you want your child to convey, do you think classy or trendy? I came up with the following conclusions:

1) Trendy clothes are super adorable on children as long as they are tasteful.

2) Classic styles and brands of clothes are nice to have for those formal times such as weddings, portraits, graduations, etc…

3) Trendy clothes in classic colors make for a great clean, modern look.

Whatever style or look you choose for your child, let it be a tasteful expression of who your child is!

Finally, How to Praise Your Child?

The following are 7 definitive ways on how to praise your child:

1. Look your child in the eye.
2. Move close to your child and down to their eye level.
3. Smile.
4. Praise a specific behavior. “You did such a great job cleaning up your bedroom.”
5. Speak with feeling and sincerity.
6. Touch your child affectionately, maybe a pat on the back or stroke of an arm.
7. Praise immediately, as soon as you notice commendable behavior.

“Your praise should be honest and specific. Don’t dilute the effectiveness of praise by overdoing it or being insincere. Older children especially will pick up on your exaggeration.”

Finding Your Inner Beauty and Personal Style

Healing sometimes comes in the most unexpected packages!

As a certified holistic healing practitioner, working for over a decade in a number of healing modalities, I am used to witnessing and experiencing miracles. But I can still be surprised by how healing shows up or in what form.

Energy Profiling

Anyone familiar with energy healing techniques or alternative therapies has likely heard of Carol Tuttle. She has been working in the field of energy therapy for 20 years. Her relatively new system of energy profiling turns our attention to healing our relationships with our bodies, with our clothes, and ultimately, with our inner selves.

Do you know your energy profile type?

I recently discovered this system and immediately bought the online beauty profile course, the online course for dressing your truth, and Carol’s book, It’s Just My Nature. Within a week or so, I was beginning to heal the beliefs I had had nearly all my life about my body, what beauty is, what I should look like and what I should be wearing.

Dressing Your Truth

At first glance, this system may seem like just another “what’s your season?,” “learn your body shape,” “dress 10 pounds thinner” kind of thing. But I knew almost from the beginning that it wouldn’t be, because it really is based on nature.

Though we are all made of the same elements, we each have a dominant one, and when we know what that is, we can learn how to honor that element in the way that we dress. When we do that, living in integrity with who we really are, we will be beautiful! And we will know it.

Big promise, I know, but I dare you to try it because I am completely confident that once you do, you will agree.

The Fashion Industry is Wrong

We cannot all wear the same trendy fashions and all look beautiful. We can’t even all wear the color black! So if we try to copy what we see on the runways or in the fashion magazines, we will fail to look as wonderful as we think they do and we are likely to decide that it’s our fault. But that’s not true.

We are not the ones who failed. The fashion industry has failed us.

So, instead of giving our power away to the fashion “experts”, we need to take that power back and claim it for ourselves, becoming our own beauty and fashion expert. Who’s with me?

Value of Buying Designer Clothing

We all have a need to feel accepted, liked and even popular within our social circles. As superficial as this may sound, the popular ones are often those who are dressed in designer clothing. The popular people are those who are smart dressers. Those who have a good standing in their community are those who dress well and look fashionable.

Designer clothes were created for the primary purpose of helping the wearer make a fashion statement. There’s designer clothing for every taste and fashion preference. If you’re into hip hop, you’ll find hip hop designer clothing. Got a taste for Italian fashion? You won’t find a shortage of Italian designers.

When you wear designer clothes, you can feel good and look good. In addition, you let others know that not only do you have great taste when it comes to fashion, you also have the dough to spend on designer clothes. Designer clothes are more expensive than retail clothes, but for a lot of people, paying extra for clothes that will make them look good and make a great impression on others is well worth it.

One thing that sets designer clothing apart from the rest is that it’s made using the best materials and at the highest standards. In creating every piece of designer clothing, extreme care is taken when cutting the garment, and quality threads are used to stitch the garments together.

Try putting a piece of designer clothing next to any ready-to-wear clothing you’ll find in supermarkets. You’ll immediately notice the difference in quality between the two. Now try comparing designer wear with their knock-offs. No matter how hard their makers try, the fake designer clothes still don’t quite cut it. The knock-offs may look like the real thing by having the same logo or symbol, colors or shades of the real designer clothes, but their quality is not up to par.

Designer clothing is all about quality and is made with very high standards using top quality materials. As a result, they wear better and last longer. It may be expensive, but you’ll get more value for money for them in the long run.

Designer clothing caters to a wide variety of markets and genre. If you like designer fashion that’s chic and trendy, you’ll find lots of these. If you love designer clothing with bold and loud designs, you’ll find plenty of them. And did you know that you don’t have to have a perfect figure in order to wear this clothing? There are designer clothes catering to every body type, figure and size. And yes, this includes pregnant women. If you’re pregnant, there is designer wear specifically created for pregnant women. Who says you have to be a size 0 to look good?

If you want to look good in public or in the presence of your peers, you can easily achieve this by wearing designer clothing. It’s certainly a great way to make a great first impression on others — and continue to make a great impression on them. As superficial as this may sound, appearance is everything. Wearing designer clothing can certainly help you improve your social status.

Keep in mind, however, that you don’t really need to put a hole in your pocket in order to own designer clothes. The key is to learn how to buy wisely. For instance, you’ll find lots of designer clothing items at discount prices online. Take note that designer wear sold through reputable online stores are authentic, high quality and not damaged. They cost lower online because online sellers have lower overhead and inventory costs than traditional brick-and-mortar shops.